Tokyo Consulting Group joins GGI

Yasunari Kuno

Tokyo Consulting Group, established in 1998 by Mr. Yasunari Kuno, is one of the top accounting, internationally oriented firms in the Japanese market. It employs over 300 multicultural and multilingual experienced professionals, including 4 Managing Partners, most of which are located in four branches: Tokyo (HQ), Yokohama, Nagoya, and Osaka. Operating languages of the firm include Japanese, English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Bahasa Indonesia, Cambodian, Filipino, Hindi, Bengali, Portuguese and Turkish.

 Tokyo Consulting Group offers a wide range of integrated accounting services to international and local clientele. It expertise embraces Business Setup, Accounting Services, Internal and Financial Audit, Tax, Labor & Human Resources Services, Social Insurance, Payroll and M&A operations. Furthermore, the firm is able to provide Consulting and Advisory services for various types of businesses and industries for foreign and prospective entities, which wish to establish their presence in the highly dynamic Japanese market.

Tokyo Consulting Group constantly strives to seek the best solutions for further development of its international clients. Its integrated service philosophy allows the firm to provide the highest quality service by selecting the exact expertise needed for each project, whether it is all-in-one or periodical consulting services for any kind of business needs a firm based in Japan may have.


Yasunari Kuno
Tokyo, Japan
T: +81 3 5369 2930

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